TAPESTREA : Documentation for users (breadth-first approach)

version: 0.1.x.x (tap tap)

home: http://taps.cs.princeton.edu

Getting Started

Information on downloading and building taps, as well as some basics on using the system.

Techniques And Paradigms

A high-level overview of the various analysis, transformation, and synthesis mechanisms available. Transformation and synthesis are closely tied under the heading "Synthesis" throughout, since many of the transformations can take place in real-time during synthesis.

User Interface

Like the Audicle, TAPESTREA presents multiple "faces" or interfaces, in this case, one for each class of actions. Currently TAPESTREA has an analysis, a synthesis, and an audio control face, with more in progress.


Quick access to tables of available parameters. The parameters are interactively controlled from the user interfaces, but could also be driven by other engines.

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