TAPESTREA : Overview

version: 0.1.x.x (tap tap)

home: http://taps.cs.princeton.edu

What is taps?

We encourage you to find out the answer to this on the taps homepage.

In short, it is a framework / system / environment / editor for interactively playing with any digital sound recordings you may already have. It allows you to analyze recordings and extract reusable templates, which can further be transformed and resynthesized in different ways. Taps also includes a user interface, or rather a set of interfaces, to facilitate each task.

What task? What interface?

Yes, these are somewhat related. The taps user interface is modeled on the multi-faced Audicle. Each "face" in the interface loosely corresponds to a "phase" in the sound design or re-composition process. This leaves things open to extension in new directions...

At present, taps offers the following faces:

  • Analysis : for analyzing existing sounds, interactively extracting templates
  • Transformation and synthesis : for transforming templates and combining them to synthesize new scenes
  • Control : for controlling gain and reverb of different audio buses
  • Search (coming soon) : for feature-based similarity search through existing templates and sound clips

So how does this work?

When you start up taps, it opens on the analysis face. You can then work there or switch faces as you like. More information is available in the remaining user documentation pages [depth-first | breadth-first].

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