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This is the initial release of TAPESTREA, a set of new tools and techniques for sound design. Please download the source (GPL) and binaries below. TAPESTREA is our ongoing research project investigating new ways and tools to analyze, transform, and synthesize sound. This is a very experimental audio software, so anticipate glorious disasters and please let us know if you run into issues.

The best way to start working with and learning about taps is to try the software, join the taps mailing list, check out the wiki, ask questions, and help shape the design. So, whether you are a sound designer, audio researcher, composer, developer, or none/all of the above, take a spin on the TAPESTREA loom and uh, make a musical tapestry.

Thank you very much!

Download for your platform(s) below:
(access all versions here)

All Platforms
(Mac OS X, Linux, Windows)
(combined bed + breakfast package):
  • source + binaries : .zip | .tgz (~24MB)
  • includes:
    • source for all platforms
    • binaries for osx (universal) and win32
    • example sounds + templates
    • release notes
    • chuck- (dracula)
(breakfast-only option for linux):
only tapestrea-, older version
  • Ubuntu Linux binaries for x86 platforms, by Martin Finke : .deb | .rpm (<1MB)
(external dependencies, for source build only): -> start here
(build, documentation, tutorials)

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